Upcomming projects

Malus, scenogrpahy for choreography by Igor Shyshko, production KVS & Kunst/Werk, premiere 22.04, KVS Brussels

Environmental Abstraction, group show with Martijn Schuppens, Bram Braam, Isabelle Borges, Astrid Bush, DAG, Karsten Konrad, Katleen Vinck, Laura Mars Gallery Berlin, 23.04 until 28.05

A conrete future for the past, solo show, Base-Alpha gallery, 12.05 until 26.06

Art Rotterdam, art fair with Base-Alpha gallery & DMW, 18.05 until 22.05

SUPERSTUDIO #2, group show with Paul Kooiker & Katleen Vinck, performance by Marc Vanrunxt, Robson Ledesma & Daniel Vanverre, during Antwerp Art Weekend from 26.05 until 29.05, with the support of the city of Antwerp