Selected projects

Solo / duo shows
Absoluut, 2019, duo show with Caroline van den Eynden, Fontana gallery, Amsterdam
Capsule, 2019, solo show, Base-Alpha gallery, Antwerp
Scenery IV, PARKVorst, Tilburg, NL, 2017 – 2018
Doggerland, with Kurt De Wit, Pulsar, Antwerp, 2017
Fractal, Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp, 2016
Au Fond, with Wim Wauman, Mu.Zee,Permekemuseum, curated by Ilse Roosens, 2016
Strategies against architecture, Borger / Duinstraat 2015
Strategies against architecture, De Warande, Turnhout 2015
Scenery III, Base- Alpha Gallery Antwerp, 2013
Scenery II, Cabin Antwerp, 2011, curated by Philippe Vandamme
Scenery I, Base Alpha – gallery Antwerp, 2010
Katleen Vinck in In Between , Antwerp, 2009, curated by Ann Geeraerts

In the absence of the artist, 2020, virtual group show, curated by Dirk Schellekens
The house of art and beauty, 2019, project by Marc Vanrunxt en Katleen Vinck
Quatuor, 2019, P60 Assen, NL
With a little help from my friends, 2019, Base- Alpha gallery
(H)ECHT, 2019, CC Zwanenberg, curated by Samuel Vanderveken
WVDM, 2019, valerie_traan gallery
CUT, 2018, Antwerp Art pavilion, with valerie_traan gallery
Don’t mention the war, 2018, Kunstenhuis Harelbeke, curated by Jonas Vansteenkiste
Two men standing, 2018, Out of Sight, Borgerhout, curated by Dusica Drazic
‘Marc Vanrunxt’, 2018, Warp, St.-Niklaas
What’s your nature, 2018, Morbee gallery
DFFRNCE, 2018, Bruthaus gallery, Waregem, curated by Joris Van der Borght
Aanwas, 2018, work in public space, Ninove
Art Rotterdam, 2018, with Base-Alpha galleryTussen Muren, Tielt, 2017 – 2018, curated by Tuur Delodder
In Champion, Namur, 2017, curated by Guy Malevez
10 Years Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp, 2017
Into Nature, Drenthe, landgoed Valkenstijn, NL, 2016, curated by Monica Boekholt
Partcours / Parkunst, park Woluwe, 2016, curated by Guy MalevezThe image generator, Extra City, Antwerp,  ism Marc Vanrunxt / Kunst/Werk, 2016The temple of maybe, Het paviljoen, Gent, Kask / Hisk / Smak, 2015, curated by Samuel Vanderveken
Bunkerarcheologie , Broelmuseum Kortrijk, 2015,  curated by Jonas Vansteenkiste
Borg, Antwerp, 2014
Sarcofagen, with Karen Vermeren,  galerie Short Cuts Namen, 2014, curated by Guy Malevez
Le Plis / De Plooi, Workplace Antwerp, 2014
Sensor, Het Paleis, 2005, curated by Leon Vranken
Coup de ville, Sint Niklaas, 2013,  curated by Stef Van Bellingen
Topos,  Dordtyart Dordrecht, 2013, curated by Stef Van Bellingen
Art Brussels , 2012,  Base-Alpha Gallery
Dead Darlings, KASK Ghent, 2011, curated by Punctum / Re
What you saved during the sales,…., Base – Alpha Gallery Antwerp, 2011
Finisterre, museum of photography Antwerp, 2011, curated by Inge Henneman
A groupshow, croxhapox Gent, 2010,curated by Punctum
Belgian Paradis, London, 2009, curated by Stef Van Bellingen
Error# 13, Brugge,  2009, curated by Ria Van Landeghem
Error #8, projector, art fair Rotterdam, curated by Ria Van Landeghem
Reflection, Passendaele, 2007
Error #3, Weert, 2006, curated by Ria Van Landeghem
Existentie, Labo I, Ghent, 2006
Cellophane I, II, Antwerp, 2005 – 2006

Installation / performance
Precarryus, 2019, Stuk, Leuven, installation for Igor Shyshko en Tale Dolven
lostmovements, 2019, De Singel, installation for Marc Vanrunxt & Jan Martens
mijn lichaam van u, Ostend, 2017, Kunst / werk, installation for Marc Vanrunxt, Paul Verrept, Els Mondelaers and Charlotte Vanden Eynde
Dune Street Project Project Brugge, Bruges, installation for Marc Vanrunxt
L’art touche au ciel et à la terre, Ostend, 2014, Kunst / werk, Dansand, installation for Marc vanrunxt and Igor Shyshko
Dune Street Project, Antwerp, 2012, Kunst / werk, Monty, installation for Marc Vanrunxt
Cross Avenue, ’s Hertogenbosch, 2012, installation for composers Strijbos & Van Rijswijk
Black Box III, de theatermaker / De Studio, 2010, with Jan Martens
Black box II, de theatermaker / Troubleyn Antwerp,  2009, with  Marie Decorte
Splits / Black box I, de theatermaker / Troubleyn Antwerp, 2008, with Karel Tuytschaever / Marie Louise Wilderyckx

lectures and teaching assignments
lecture academie Arendonk, 2019
lecture academie Brasschaat, 2019
lecture for the architecture department, university of Antwerp, 2017
Kaska, royal academy of fine arts Antwerp, scenography, 2013 – 2016
RITS, different lectures and workshops
Henry Van De Velde institute, guest lecturer, 2007 – 2008
Popok, guest lecturer, differtent workshops

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